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News 27/01/2012
Four Channel Video Encoder
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, 27 January 2012

G4S Technology has a new addition to their network Visualizer Encoder range. The Visualizer EN-7904 network video encoder provides 4 input channels and uses the latest H.264 video compression, reducing files sizes by up to 80%.
The encoder supports up to four cameras and is available with and without Video Content Analytics.
Symmetry Video Content Analytics provide advanced filters based on pre-programmed motion within the view of the camera. Easy to set up and operate the Symmetry analytics can provide an additional layer of security and follow the Symmetry strategy of making video more proactive for immediate response to incidents.
The EN-7904 network Visualizer encoder is compatible with any type of analog camera and provides a cost efficient solution to upgrade existing analog video cameras to offer all the advantages available from digital video
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