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News 04/04/2012
Making Smartcard Encryption Easy
In high security environments where the uppermost levels of secure identification are required MIFARE DESFire smartcards provide the ideal solution as they are designed specifically for these environments and offer high level of encryption and data security.

The Symmetry Security Management system now enables MIFARE DESFire cards to be encoded at the point of printing using Fargo printers. Incorporating an encoding option within the Fargo card printers enables them to securely write data and information to the card during the printing process. The Fargo printers can encode data in up to three different smart card technologies in the same pass as card printing, enabling efficient and more cost effective card encryption.

These Smartcards can store, process, communicate and encrypt large amounts of data, including biometric information and monetary values so cardholders can also use their card for payment at vending machines, transport or to use photocopiers etc
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