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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to frequently asked questions on Symmetry and GiroVend products please scroll down.

Symmetry FAQ's

Who do you provide security systems for?
Over the past 30 years we have installed 30,000 systems in over 80 countries. The flexibility of the system ensures that we can provide for clients in a diverse range of markets including government, education, finance, healthcare and utilities.
Click here to view our range of case studies.

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Why should I replace my existing security system?
The security industry moves at a fast pace and it can often be hard to keep up to date with the latest developments for your application, but if your buildings are not secure there are often consequences. We realise that you may have already invested in a security system previously and we can help you to upgrade to the most advanced technology available, in a cost effective way to minimise risk.
At G4S Fire & Security Systems (UK) we are at the forefront of the security industry. Why not invite a member of our expert team to your site for a free security evaluation? We can advise you and help put a plan together to migrate from your existing security system, if it is deemed necessary.
How much of my existing system infrastructure can be utilised?
Our system effortlessly incorporates different technologies providing your organisation with a solution for all security and building control functions. In addition, as the system is IP based, the security solution can be simply connected to your existing IT network, to further reduce installation and cabling costs. In some circumstances, we can utilise your existing security hardware, but this will be decided upon after a full site evaluation by our experts.

How easy is the Symmetry system to administer?
G4S Fire & Security Systems (UK) are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Our Symmetry Management Software is very easy to navigate with a familiar Microsoft platform. The security management database can often be used to integrate with existing record systems, for example a university’s student record system can be used to populate the Symmetry system.

Who else do G4S Fire & Security Systems (UK) work with?
Successful partnerships enhance G4S Fire & Security Systems (UK)’s success. We are proud to work with an expansive network of great products that link together seamlessly. Rather than purchasing a single proprietary solution, you can now integrate the best products to create a security platform that exceeds your security needs. By enhancing the capabilities of our product portfolio and working closely with our partners, we’ve been able to deliver an unparalleled range of choices that will protect you from obsolescence and satisfy your requirements in the years ahead.
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Cashless Payment FAQ's

How much faster are till transaction times with cashless payments compared with cash?
On average up to a third faster.

What are the benefits over handling cash?
There are many benefits of a cashless payment system over cash including:

  • Reduced till queuing times as no requirement to count change or remember PIN numbers
  • Increased hygiene for catering staff not handling cash
  • Increased security as less cash on the premises
  • No requirement for till float
  • Time saved counting, bagging and sorting cash
  • Eliminate requirement to collect cash from vending machines
  • No need for staff to carry cash on their person
  • Increase impulse purchases as users always carry their card
Does GiroVend support different tariff groups, such as subsidised food for staff and non subsidised prices for contractors?
Yes, the system can support up to 255 different pricing tariffs
Can lost/stolen cards can be blocked from future use?
Yes, if a card is lost or stolen the card can be blocked. With all solutions, the balance is stored on a separate database the balance on the lost / stolen card can also be transferred to a new card.

Can menu changes be downloaded remotely to tills and vending machines?
Yes this is done by the client on site using the Configuration application (MYRIAD) or the Web application (Hosted).

Can we upgrade to MYRIAD and still use our existing magnetic stripe cashless card? MYRIAD cannot support mag stripe – The value on card solution will need a Mifare or iCLASS card. On-Line purse would need a proximity card.

Can we upgrade to MYRIAD and still use our existing cashless MYRIAD fob/card?
Yes the MYRIAD upgrade will allow all current function to continue as usual. You may have to go through a card-reformatting process though.

Can we install MYRIAD and use my existing access control card?
Yes the MYRIAD upgrade will allow all current functions to continue as usual

What equipment do we need to change to upgrade to MYRIAD?
You do not need any equipment to upgrade to MYRIAD. The upgrade includes new hardware with additional functionality to your existing solution. In some circumstances you may require an additional server to hold the databases on.

Can we use the smart card for other management applications, such as car parking?
Yes the smart cards can be used for many additional applications including car park payment, access control, identification and visitor management. We would work alongside strategic partners in order to provide some of these additional services.

What is remote diagnostics?
The MYRIAD V3.0 onwards and Hosted solutions provide remote diagnostic capabilities. The system communicates with the internet using and HTTPS outgoing connection. This connection allows the Support Team to proactively monitor the site and efficiently identify any issues and in most cases resolve them before the client is even aware.

The remote capability also allows for software upgrades to be carried out on the clients system without sending an engineer to site. This causes minimal disruption to the client and drastically reduced equipment downtime.

What is included in service and support?
GiroVend provide a comprehensive service and support package. Our telephone Support Team are the first point of contact for any issues and aim to resolve most calls over the phone. Additional support is provided by our regionally based engineering team who can be dispatched to your site if required.

For more information on service and support email us.

Can MYRIAD work with HID iClass access control cards?
Yes all solutions can work with these cards.

What is SmartPay?
SmartPay is a website allowing for cashless payment users to load funds on to their card using any PC connected to the internet with a credit or debit card. The secure site allows for fast efficient transfer of funds and provides the user with additional flexibility to loads funds at home or while in the office.

For more information on SmartPay click here.

What does MYRIAD Management Software include?
Standard applications are:
Card Manager
Event Monitor (optional)

Can GiroVend manage a loyalty point scheme?
Loyalty Points can be accumulated automatically when certain products are purchased at an EPOS or Vending Unit.

These products can then be redeemed against certain products at the EPOS unit when they reach a certain level, or can be reset to zero on a specific date.

Can the system be used to manage a salary sacrifice scheme?
If the site already has a salary sacrifice scheme that has been approved by HMRC then Girovend may be able to replicate it.

Can the GiroVend system be used to reclaim VAT on take-away purchases?
Yes, take away purchases are highlighted on the EPOS unit and can be reported on .

Can GiroVend be used for Payroll Loading?
Yes – Using a Kiosk Payroll loads are carried out. A report is run at the end of the month to process deductions from Payroll

Can GiroVend provide an extra layer of security with a pop-up photo ID of any registered cardholder at the till?
An image of the user should be held in a central location. This location then needs to be accessible by all EPOS units.

Can GiroVend be used to manage free vend?
We can control free vend using a zero price tariff (i.e. certain products within a vending machine have a tariff price of 0p, with a number of users having access to this tariff), but this has limitations as it cannot be time based or vending machine specific.

How can we help with hospitality cost management?
Girovend can manage hospitality accounts and can track hospitality spend through EPOS and vending units through specific cost centres. The system can manage hospitality spend using dedicated hospitality cards which can be used at EPOS and Vending units to record a sale against a hospitality account. Alternatively manual hospitality account codes can be entered into the EPOS screen at point of sale to record hospitality spend.

Detailed hospitality reports can be produced which provide a detailed hospitality account breakdown which can be used to invoice individual cost centers.
Can G4S Fire & Security Systems (UK) provide me with my everyday consumables?
Yes, click here to find out more or call 01684 277028 for a quote today on your smartcards, lanyards, printer ribbons and yo-yo holders.
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  • Tewkesbury 01684 277247
  • Belfast 08448 110016
  • Dublin Calmoun00353 1426 1799
  • Dublin City West 00353 1805 8300
  • Gibraltar 00350 2006 2120 
  • Glasgow 0141 551 353
  • Newcastle 0191 201 3593
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